Re: balsa-list digest, Vol 1 #1278 - 3 msgs

On Tue, 2003-03-11 at 18:43, Christopher Culver wrote:
> Why not? Among virtually all distros Evo has replaced GnomeCard as the 
> standard address utility. Evolution's database is in XML. Why is 
> Evolution somehow nonsensical, while ancient, forgotten GnomeCard is 
> seen as a good thing to use with Balsa?

Unfortunately you are misinformed here. Evolution has NEVER replaced
GnomeCard because it never depended on it. Evolution's database for
storing addressbooks is not XML it's DB3 from Berkeley in the version
3.1.17. Technically if you investigate how evolution stores the
addressbooks in that database e.g. try deleting, adding, changing etc.
values inside the addressbook then you realize no matter what you do the
database is increasing and when using an editor to peek inside that file
then you get horrible nightmares. GnomeCard also is not really vCard
compatible such known under Microsoft Outlook Professional or compatible
with Evolutions addressbook. It would be good if all addressbooks would
support some sort of unified address storing format such as vCard which
is imo still the best (and easily tweakable with an editor in cases you
need to do so). Be happy with GnomeCard as long as even possible I would
prefer it anytime over anything else just because of the way it stores
the data.

Ali Akcaagac

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