Re: Some issues running balsa without threads

On 03/08/2003, Darko Obradovic wrote:
> Hello,
> Some time ago I had the problem with threads, and freezes 
> in balsa.
> Now the way to address this without interfering with "" 
> would be to use "--disable-threads" for configure.
> It works stable with that, but there are some problems with fetching 
> mails from POP-servers:
> - fetch mail on startup doesn't work anymore

I can't reproduce that (with current cvs).  I have both `Open Inbox 
upon startup' and `Check mail upon startup' checked, and the Inbox 
opens up with new mail in it, as expected.

> - fetching by hand is extremely unresponsive, namely: no response at 
> all. No progress-popup, no messages in the status-bar.

Yes, I see that--I believe that all the progress stuff runs in threads, 
so it's probably disabled w/o threads.

> Any ideas? I'd like to get a stable balsa running in an automated 
> compiling way for Gentoo Linux.
> What's the issue with that libaspell anyways? I didn't get an answer 
> then, and couldn't find anything in the archives. Where does that 
> problem come from?

It's the order of the ld flags: Balsa uses pkg-config to build the 
flags, and the spell stuff lists -lc, so it gets stuffed into the list; 
but that kills the use of pthreads, because -lc resolves some of the 
references that need to be filled by -lpthreads, which comes later in 
the list.  OK, what I'm saying is that I'm totally confused about it, 
but the advertized fix works.  Some who really know about this stuff 
have looked at the problem, and can find no other way to make sure that 
the correct modules are linked in.


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