Re: Stability problems

Am 2003.02.27 22:00 schrieb(en) Peter Bloomfield:
> On 02/27/2003 Steffen Klemer wrote:
>> Am 2003.02.27 15:31 schrieb(en) Emmanuel:
>> 1) There is a menu for a default identity -> doesn't work at all
> I don't seem to have one--where is it?

right-click on a mailbox -> properties and there it is

>> 2) the show-all-headers button is not syncronised with the menu entry 
>> in View
> It's not meant to be! It toggles between all-headers and whatever is 
> selected on the View menu. Changing the View menu entry overrides, and 
> resets the button to inactive. At least, that's what *seems* to 
> happen...IMHO, using a toggle button and a three-button radio group to 
> manage the same set of options is bound to be confusing!

Perhaps remove "No Headers"?

>> 4) (really annoying) the sendmsg-window doesn't handle foreign chars in 
>> the headers part when you type them yourself (e.g. the To-field:
>> I start typing "jö" and after that the whole line is blank, but if you 
>> now press backspace everything is back...
>> There is an entry in my addressbook called "jörn zuber"
>> But I think it will be the same with any other foreign char!
> Is that during auto-completion? I'm not sure the addressbook handles 
> utf-8 properly.

Yes, and the solution Pawel proposed (vonverting to utf-8) doesn't work 
(it only messed up gnomecard which uses iso-8859...).

Perhpas you try it yourself:
Add an entry

"Jörn Example"

and try the auto-completion.
When using the menu it works as expected.


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