Wrapping [was Re: PGP signing/decoding problem]

On 06/23/2003, Niklas Höglund wrote:
[ snip ]
> (The ugly wrapping above is done by Balsa.  I think it should be 
> fixed to either do correct wrapping or not wrap quoted text.)

Balsa wraps moderately well when the quoted message is format=flowed 
(like yours) and the sender composed continuous paragraphs (like yours, 
quoted above, and properly wrapped). If the sender uses format=fixed or 
makes `hard' line endings by hitting `Enter', or quotes earlier 
messages that were prepared that way, Balsa respects those line 
endings, and just breaks lines without reflowing them.

An explicit option to `fix broken wrapping' would be nice. It might:
  - take the selected portion of a message;
  - back up to the start of the first line in the selection, and figure 
out how deep is the quoting (a moderately liberal way might be to skip 
over spaces and '>'s, counting the latter);
  - reflow the selection into a single paragraph, by cutting out line 
endings and any subsequent spaces and '>'s.
That's pretty much what I do by hand, when I really want a message to 
look decent.  But anything that tries to do this automatically is 
likely to mangle text that shouldn't be treated as paragraphs (such as 


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