Re: pop3 server timeout?

On Thu, 19 Jun 2003 18:59:37, Christopher Thielen wrote:
> Yes, when connecting to some servers on ports other than port 80, such
> as when I do POP3, I have pretty bad latency that I'm trying to get
> worked out with my ISP, but before the latency period ends and the
> connection is fully established, Balsa reports that it could not
> connect. My best guess is, it times out, as it doesn't wait long enough
> for the latency period to end. Is there a place I can tell Balsa to wait
> longer, or maybe even a place in the source code I can set?

Not really no, balsa just uses connect() so it should stay there till 
something happens. connect is returning an error so my guess is it's comming 
from the network. maybe the server is cloged or your isp has a particularly 
stupid set of transparent proxies.

If you're familiar with the tools you can strace balsa or tcpdump the 
connection and figure out what exactly is happening. If you're not familiar 
with the tools but are brave i can give you some pointers.

Carlos Morgado - chbm(at)chbm(dot)nu - -- gpgkey: 0x1FC57F0A FP:0A27 35D3 C448 3641 0573 6876 2A37 4BB2 1FC5 7F0A

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