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On 2003.06.19 11:26, Peter Bloomfield wrote:
> The action of Edit => Copy (and, in the compose window, Cut and 
> Paste) was improved recently, to act on the currently focused widget 
> instead of always on the message content. The various "Select All" 
> methods were then no longer consistent with the new actions.
> Code just checked into cvs makes these changes:
> - In all windows, Edit => Select All acts on the currently focused 
> widget (and does nothing if it doesn't contain text);
> - In the main window, Message => Select Text and Message => Copy grab 
> the focus to the message's focus widget (if it has one), then select 
> all of it, or copy the current selection to the clipboard, 
> respectively.
> The changes were a little more complicated than for Cut, Copy, and 
> Paste. Please try out the new actions--see if they work as expected, 
> if they break, anything!

I'll try my best to break it ;-)

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