Re: PGP signing/decoding problem

Am 18.06.2003 20:58 schrieb(en) Albrecht Dreß:
> Am 18.06.03 14:36 schrieb(en) Jacob Perkins:
>> FYI, the context menu is actually installed with seahorse.
> Strange, I don't have it. Apparently it isn't installed when I just 
> do a "make install" (both gnome-2.2 and seahorse are built from the 
> sources). Hmmm, maybe hould have a look at the deb sources to se how 
> they do it?

I think that's a new feature in seahorse 0.7.x, not included in stable 
0.6.x. And as for compiling stuff on its own with Gnome:
I do have a problem with applets installed in "/usr/local", I can't add 
them to the panel. Installing into "/usr" (which is bad of course *g*) 
works. Might be the same issue here.



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