Re: Address Book?

Am 2003.06.18 01:30 schrieb(en) Michael Rensing:
   > What can I use for an address book? It looks like it was part of
   > gnome-pim which looks like it's not being maintained anymore. It's
   > definitely not on my RH8 system, and I can't find a lightweight
   > replacement. From what I've seen, gnome-pim would have been perfect
   > for
   > my needs.
   >   > Balsa seems to want me to have an external address book. Or am I 
   > up? :)

Yes, it does.
You shall search for gnome-pim (or gnomecard) on

This requires you to have the gnome 1.4 libraries installed but I'm sure 
they are still on your hd :)


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