PGP signing/decoding problem

Hello all,

I'm new to the list, but not new to the use of Balsa, which is a very 
nice software.

I recently upgraded to GNOME2 and so started to use Balsa 2.0.11

I compiled it with GnuPG support, thanks for the online explanations.  
But this seems half-broken and I don't know if it's because I compiled it 
badly, something is wrongly configured or something else (a bug ? ;-) ?

MIME-signed messages are correctly verifyied and labeled with a green 
lock in the list.  I can correctly send encrypted messages with someone 
else's public key.  Great.

But, I cannot sign an outgoing message nor can I decode an incoming 
message being encoded with my public key.  That is, everytime Balsa ask 
me for my passphrase, I type it correctly in the popup window (I've tried 
it dozens of times) but Balsa never accept it.

Using GnuPG directly by copy pasting the message in a terminal and 
entering my passphrase works perfectly.  But it's not very handy.

Already seen behaviour ?  How should I investigate more deeply ?


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