Re: sorting mailboxes?

Am 2003.06.15 22:02 schrieb(en) Martin Klaffenboeck:
> Am 2003.06.15 21:29 schrieb(en) Steffen Klemer:
>> Am 2003.06.15 20:27 schrieb(en) Martin Klaffenboeck:
>>> Hello,
>>> The mailboxes from balsa-2.0.11 are sorted alphabetically in the 
>>> TreeView.  Is is possible to do my own sort, not alphabetically, but 
>>> in the order I want them.  In german the word 'important' means 
>>> 'Wichtig', so I have this at the end in my list.  When I order the 
>>> tree desc, my Inbox ('Eingang') is at the end in my list.
>>> Can I sort them somehow?
>> atm not
>> but I solved this problem with chars like "!", "!!" "$" and so on...
>> or a z in front of unimportant mboxes...
> Yes, we could also help us by starting the names with 01, 02, ...  but 
> it doesn't look very nice.
> It would be great to add a column in the treemodel, where we can set 
> numbers which are not shown in the TreeView, but used to sort.  (That's 
> how I would solve this problem.)

Or in the meantime a function that simply cuts 2 leading numbers?


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