Re: redhat 9 address book

On 06/01/2003, Matt Prouse wrote:
> Greetings
> I am running Red Hat 9 Personal (OEM) out of the box and would like  
> to change my email client from Evolution to Balsa or Sylpheed. I have
> tried to use Balsa but its address books seem to be dependant on 
> Gnome Card.
> I cannot launch Gnome Card on my system - it does not appear to be 
> installed. My installation is simply a standard Personal Desktop 
> install with the addition of the kernel sources and some system 
> tools. I do not seem to have gnomecard installed - where can I find a 
> compatible version of gnomecard on my CDs (I have 3) or on the web in 
> RPM format... I do not seem to have gnome-pim installed at all.
> I am eager to sort this out as soon as possible and would appreciate
> all assistance. My email address is
> Thanks in advance.
> mousematt


I'm using RH9 on a box that's been upgraded from earlier RHLs, and my 
gnomecard is from gnome-pim-1.4.0-ximian.5.  It still works!


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