Re: Lots of hangs (possibly IMAP related)...

On 2003.07.22 21:02, Darko Obradovic wrote:
>> Has anyone else seen this? How many people are using Balsa with IMAP 
>> on a daily basis, anyway? I know a number of persons, including 
>> Pawel, have *tested* the IMAP support, but that's not quite the same 
>> thing.
> I have no local mailboxes at all and it works fine. As long as I'm 
> not trying to manipulate the mailboxes via balsa, looks like that 
> causes freezes/crashes for me nearly all the time. I set up mailboxes 
> and folders via ssh and simply using them then is working perfectly.

FWIW, I have just fixed a bug that *sometimes* crashed balsa in a 
random place after mailbox creation. It was really a tricky one.


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