postpone/continue (2.0.12/Gnome2)

With balsa 2.0.12 on the Gnome2 desktop under Debian Sarge ('testing'):

When I postpone a message and subsequently attempt to continue 
composition, I find that the body of the message has disappeared, 
whether or not I have pressed the SAVE button before pressing the 
POSTPONE button.  
Also, when I highlight a message in Sentbox, Outbox, Draftbox, or 
Trash, only the header is visible; the bottom of the screen (where the 
body should appear) is a solid grey field.  Only for Inbox are both the 
header and the body visible.  
I am using the maildir structure for all mailboxes:

...           /cur
...           /tmp

...         /cur
...         /tmp

...          /cur
...          /tmp

...            /cur
...            /tmp

...         /cur
...         /tmp

Is use of the maildir structure not allowed?  

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