Re: Scrolling down still missing in 2.0.6

On 2003.01.30 12:43 Tobias Fenster wrote:
> Hello
> I just downloaded balsa-2.0.6, installed and it works fine! There's 
> only one missing feature, that Albrecht Dreß asked for some weeks 
> ago: when you open a mailbox, the vertical scrollbar stays on top of 
> the list instead of scrolling to the bottom, which is quite annoying. 
> Is this a problem with my installation or is this still missing?

I'm not sure I'm getting this--do you mean that you open a mailbox and 
the index of messages doesn't scroll to the bottom?  It's designed to 
scroll to the first unread message, or the last message if none is 
unread, and either open it or just sit there, depending on whether 
you've checked `Automatically view message when mailbox is opened'.

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