Re: New mailbox interface and gmime messages

On Thu, 27 Feb 2003 00:49:58 Pawel Salek wrote:
> This is partially related to another change we would like to implement 
> soon: a GTkTreeModel interface for LibBalsaMailbox. Currently, 
> introducing the changes described above would not be enough because 
> displaying messages via GtkTreeStore would fetch all headers anyway. So, 
> these two changes go really together - but can be implemented 
> separately. I have a preleminary patch for this interface - sorting and 
> threading parts are missing. Interested people can download the patch at 
> - be warned: it may 
> even not apply cleanly to current cvs.
I can't find where the special header handling should go, but my stab at 
where, when and what headers are needed needed for display is:
*message list
-sequence number?
-status: flagged, read/unread, deleted, replied


*message view

The message-view case is easy, just the headrs of the selected message. In 
the threading case you can take the easy route and just get all needed 
headers in the mailbox, or do a search for messages with the relevant 
message-id. The message list has a few different cases, just sequential, 
sorted on a column, threaded and some I haven't though of yet.
The sequential is easy, just take the messages in view. The sorted 
requests the needed header from all messages in a mailbox. In the threaded 
case first do the threading internally and retrief the missing headers of 
the messages in view.

So there should be a function to retrief header(s) of all the messages in 
a mailbox, and a function to get a set of headers of a message.
And of course a function to get all of the message text, are there other 
places that need special handling?
> Pawel

PS. Did you had a look at libetpan? What I saw it had a nice parser.
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gotta do other things first.
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