Re: balsa-1.4.2+aspell-0.50.3

On 2003.02.17 23:04 Lynn Kerby wrote:
> On 2003.02.17 10:53 julius wrote:
> > hm, automake-1.4-p4 is recognized as automake-1.4
> Does this mean that your problem is solved?
> I've been fighting similar problems with on other gnome
> packages and I'm pretty sure that whoever deals with 
> (looks like a generic gnome include) should fix this thing.  It looks

Actually, I seriously consider dropping the usage of this shared script and running all the needed tools on our own. 
The problem with this shared script that it tends to be set to the 
common lowest denominator because upgrades tend to break things and 
some packages that have old format or would 
just stop working.

> for specific versions of tools (tagged with -version) which don't 
> seem to always get built/installed using the GNU source packages for 
> these tools.  I'm guessing that
> RH/debian/etc. packages have the appropriate automake-xxx files or a 
> lot more people would be complaining.

I think they do.


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