Re: [patch] be more liberal in accepting wrongly encoded national chars

Am 09.02.03 14:42 schrieb(en) Steffen Klemer:
> Why make balsa even more complicate to underrstand and configure for 
> people don't want to know anything 'bout "charset", "encoding" and 
> "standarts"?
> Other mailers can handle such clutter as well!?
> A possible solution for me would be to guess the default-charset from 
> the locale (it was invented for things like that) and put a small txt 
> telling that Balsa presumes it is an "...-Mail".

The locale is not the complete solution. If you use e.g. de_DE@iso-10646, 
you're lost. If the broken mail comes from a Microsnot system, chances are 
high that the contents is windows-1252, which is almost (but not 
completely) 8859-1. So either we simply stick to the standards (which are 
pretty clear at this point, as Carlos said!) and say that the mail is 
broken and leave the user with the problem to read the stuff. Or we offer 
some control (and some words in the faq's of course...) over what to 
display. At least, this will be better than the status of balsa 1 (see 
Carlos' earlier explanation).

However, I completely agree with you that the config dialog is somewhat 
crowded, and things will get worse when we e.g. have (hopefully soon!!!) 
gpg support. It might be a good idea to divide the options into "basic" 
and "expert" stuff, and to carefully choose reasonable defaults for the 
latter part.

Cheers, Albrecht.

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