Re: [patch] be more liberal in accepting wrongly encoded national chars

On 2003.02.08 09:03 Albrecht Dreß wrote:
> I sometimes get mails containing 8-bit characters, but without the 
> proper MIME framework according to rfc 2045 and friends. Balsa 2 
> displays these characters as "?" as there is no info on how to treat 
> them.
> This is of course a problem of the sender's broken MUA (or, 
> sometimes, may be caused by shell scripts sending mails), but imho we 
> could follow the suggestion in the rfc to be liberal in what we 
> accept and silently assume ISO-8859-1 as a reasonable 8-bit charset 
> in this case. The patch is just a one-liner for libmutt (see below).
> Opinions?
> Cheers,
> 	Albrecht.

Seems reasonable to me. Two questions:

1. Does ISO-8859-1 have some official status as a preferred superset of 
2. Since Balsa tries to conform to standards, would there be some way 
to warn the user when nonstandard actions are taken, i.e., when 
non-ascii text is encountered but successfully decoded as ISO-8859-1?

Of course, the patch should still be a one-liner ;-)


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