Re: Balsa 2 hangs when checking mail

On 19/12/03 12:37:19, Carlos Morgado wrote:
> On 2003.12.18 12:10, Ian Leonard wrote:
>> Greetings,
>> I have just tried to compile 2.0.15. When I run balsa it hangs when  
>> checking
>> mail. I have experimented with various locking options but can't get  
>> it to work.
>> Help would be much appreciated.  I am running on a RedHat 7.3 with  
>> the Ximian 2 Desktop.
>> I did have a version 2.0.13 working before I recompiled.
> What are you checking ? IMAP ? pop ? or just local mailboxes ?

FYI, I solved the problem. Balsa was hanging when calling procmail, in  
the popen() call. Since this sounded similar to the fork () with pspell
problem mentioned on the webpage, I tried the solution to that problem  
and it seems to have worked.

Ian Leonard

Please ignore spelling and punctuation - I did.

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