Re: Unable to make filters work

Le 19.12.2003 04:50:04, आलोक कुमार a écrit :
> Hi list,
> Newbie here. I'm not able to make filters work in Balsa(2.0.11). I  
> tried adding filters via Edit -> Filters and also used Mailbox ->  
> Apply Filters after that. But the filters are never executed. I have  
> used both the option, ie on receipt of mail and on exit. What more  
> needs to be done?
> Regards
> Alok

First you have to create the filters via Edit->Filters as you said you  
did. Then "bind" filters to the mailbox that will receive the messages  
to be filtered (in general the Inbox, but you can also bind filters to  
others). This is done via the Mailbox->Apply filters (in fact this  
dialog lets you bind filter to a mailbox and apply them and/or just  
bind them and sets options like filtering on reception which is the  
most useful one for POP accounts for example).
So basically if you have POP mailboxes that you want filter on  
reception you have to bind all the filters to be used to the Inbox  
mailbox and check the upon reception check box in the apply filters  
dialog box. You can later check that your filters have been correctly  
assigned to your mailbox by reopening the dialog box "apply filters"  
and see if the filters you set up are there with the correct options.

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