Re: German special characters

Am 05.12.03 19:37 schrieb(en) tn fenster:
> I noticed the following problem when composing a message: if I try to  
> enter a name from my gnomecard-address-file and I have to type one of  
> the german special character like äöüß, nothing happens. If I type  
> "Müller", only the M occurs. When I start balsa from a terminal, I don't  
> get any output.
> Is this a problem with my gtk-Version (2.0.6)? I'm running a SuSE-Linux  
> 8.1 and balsa 2.0.15.

Same problem here, running balsa 2.0.15 (CVS), Gnome 2.4.1, gtk+ 2.2.1,  
etc. etc. on a yellowdog Linux 3.0 Mac. Looks like a problem in the  
address completition code.


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