Re: Balsa crash on draft save attempt

I have not had this specific crash, but have had one that might be related.

I am using Balsa 1.4.0 and occasionally (not every time), after using
the spell-checker and finding a misspelled word, if I click to replace
the incorrect word with the correct one, Balsa crashes abruptly.

Barry Skidmore

On 09.02.2002 11:20 Willem Riede wrote:
> Have you ever had Balsa crash on you when you did substantial work to
> compose
> a mail and figured "I ought to save this draft so I don't lose it" and
> then
> lost it all the same because of the crash? Well I just have (Balsa
> 1.3.7).
> I looked for a temporary, possibly hidden, file that might have been the
> file
> system backing for the editor, but didn't find one. Are drafts kept only
> in
> memory? If so, what would it take to create file system backing so
> recovery
> could be possible?
> I guess that might really be a gnome-edit issue? Can I use vi (which
> understands
> recovery) instead? (Please don't comment that you have another favorite
> editor,
> we can do without another such flame war).
> Thanks, willem Riede.
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