Re: [RFC]

Le 02.09.2002 09:15, Willem Riede a écrit :
> On 2002.09.02 08:38 Emmanuel wrote:
> > 	Hi all,
> > we should have a way to remind the user that [s]he has queued mails
> > waiting. Indeed if you do not open your OutBox you can't know that.
> John
> > Mellor suggested to use a colour like for unread mails, I'd suggest to
> > open the OutBox so that it displays the number of waiting mails.
> Moreover
> > we should correct the malibox code to update this number when we have
> sent
> > these mails (for now it does not get updated after a "send queued
> mails").
> > Comments?
> By all means. I think it is appropriate if you open the OutBox when I
> send
> (queue) a mail message if the box isn't already open.

Now when we queue a mail we check the OutBox. I guess that all we need to 
do is open it.

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