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On 2002.10.14 17:25:45 +0100 Shmyrev wrote:
> > btw, how exactly does your partner interop with people using outlook or
> > notes ?
> By the way, outlook can choose encoding of letter and override message
> encoding. KMail and many other clients is the same.

hum, ok i shouldvn't asked ...

> I recieves letters not from Eudora, but from simple mail. Of course, there
> is no encoding in letters header, if only they sign encoding themselves.

"simple mail" as in /usr/bin/mail sends us-ascii. "sign encoding" i don't

> About Inbox bug. Sorry, I was wrong. Of couse my inbox is not pop3. It is
> located in ~/mail/inbox with outbox and others. I don't check mail on
> startup. The inbox is fast, but outbox is slow. This bug easy to reproduce
> just make opening of mailboxes more slowly.

so you're inbox is a local mbox ?

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