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On 2002.10.14 14:58:09 +0100 Olaf Frączyk wrote:

> > that only means eudora is a broken piece of crap if it's true.
> > also, i'm fairly suspicious the problem lies somewhere between the
> > chair and the keyboard or the depressingly stupid way of windows
> > going about language settings
> This is well known problem of Eudora for many years.
> If you only exchange private e-mail you can tell the other side to
> change MUA or his/her e-mails will go to trash.
> But in business relationship this is not solution, unless you are
> president of Coca-Cola :)
> So it would be nice to have a way to change encoding for received
> messages for viewing.

i'll aproach this 2 ways:

. it's imposssible to figure out the real encoding from the text.
. if the other side decides to send you stuff in cp852 you'll won't ask for
  cp852 support won't you ?

btw, how exactly does your partner interop with people using outlook or
notes ? 
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