No contents info in mailbox tree until mailbox clicked on

When I first call up Balsa the only mailbox showing contents is the Inbox, 
which opens on loading.  The others display contents if I click on them.  If I 
download mail they all display their contents but every one that has 0 in the 
unread column also changes colour to indicate new mail.  When I click on them 
they all turn back to the normal colour apart from the ones that do contain 
new mail.

	Anyone any idea as to what is happening?  I only noticed this recently 
as I have in the past disabled the tree view to use only tabs - keeping open 
the boxes I regularly use.  A clue may lie in the fact that I have delved in 
the ~/mail file to rename and reorganise the boxes into folders.  I also 
edited the ~/.gnome/balsa file to make everything agree with everything else.

	The result is a much clearer and more logical mailbox tree - I put all 
family mailboxes in a folder called FAMILY, mailing lists in LISTS, display 
Drafts and OUTBOX (as a constant reminder that something might be in them) and 
the rest go in a folder called SUNDRY.  However, I may have messed up the 
display of contents system.  Can anyone help me pleae?	 

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