Re: IMAP hangs?

On 2002.11.25 10:43 Toralf Lund wrote:
> Does anyone else have problems with their Balsa today? I mean, the 
> one compiled from the most recent CVS sources (Balsa 1.4, not Balsa-2 
> branch.)
> I do - most IMAP operations seem to hang. I can open the inbox (so 
> I'm actually able to read my mails :-)), but that's pretty much it. 
> I'm trying to get more details about what is going on right now, but 
> I know that everything seemed to get stuck when locking mutt in one 
> case.

Stack trace?

I ocassionally see some strange IMAP delays but I have impression my 
DSL connection looses some packets on the way.


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