Re: cant send utf-8 encded emails in 2.0.3

On 2002.11.19 16:24:45 +0000 Guntupalli Karunakar wrote:
> Hi,
>   I am using balsa 2.0.3, since its based on Gnome2, I can type mails
> - subject & message in Hindi, but when sent, subject line remains ok (
> utf-8 text shows properly ) but not the message body - its all appears
> as ????? .

this happens cause the text is not encodable in the selected charset,
so it is correct. What is incorrect is you not being able to select
a correct charset :)

The current cvs code has a UTF-8 charset setting to be able to fully
explore the potential of the gtk+2 text editor. It will be present
in the next 2.0 release.

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