Re: filter patch

On 26.05.2002 19:37 Tim O'Brien wrote:
> Hi,
> Just wrote a liitle function to stop an annoying problem with filters, 
> when a filter gets a  matche  that moves a message to another mailbox it 
> leaves behind a deleted message that will also get copied the next time 
> the filter is run (even if you have delete immediately option on) . So 
> you end up with a mess of duplicate messages. I really think that the 
> libbalsa_messages_move function should not just copy and leave deleted 
> messages behind, execpt maybe for when moving to the trash.....
> This patch is against version filter-1.3.6-1.patch that Manu posted
>  Seeya

I'll have a look at your patch. Looking at the problem you describe (that 
I never thought about to be honest), I have thought of another way to do 
that : perhaps just tell the filters not to take account of messages with 
the delete flag set by default. What do you think?


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