Re: [PATCH] : separate window with search results


Quoting Emmanuel <>:

> here is a patch against CVS to implement the "all search results in a
> separate window" feature.
> This is a really ALPHA PATCH, it is not that clean, but it's just a way
> to see if people would be insterested in that sort of feature.

Yes, I'm very interested by this feature (and all your work on filters and
search features for Balsa).

> In the meantime I'll note all comments/bug reports/requests...

I have tested your patch with CVS sources and it works very well.

It will be better if we can have more search patterns : "Date", "Status" and
some criterias like "begins with", "is", "contains", "ends with" for patterns.

Bye, Foxy.

Laurent Cheylus <> OpenPGP ID 0x5B766EC2

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