Re: omf-install/

> Either I forgot to put this file it my previous patch.. it should go into
> omf-install/, or it hasn't been committed yet. 

> (Running autogen atm makes automake complain that
> omf-install/ doesn't exist)
And here's the attachment I forgot, as I usually do. :)


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# Based on the example from gdp-example1 in the GNOME CVS repository
# No other modifications should be necessary.
# Note that you must configure your package with --localstatedir=/var/lib
# so that the scrollkeeper-update command below will update the database
# in the standard scrollkeeper directory.
# If it is impossible to configure with --localstatedir=/var/lib, then
# modify the definition of scrollkeeper_localstate_dir so that
# it points to the correct location. Note that you must still use 
# $(localstatedir) in this or when people build RPMs it will update
# the real database on their system instead of the one under RPM_BUILD_ROOT.

scrollkeeper_localstate_dir = $(localstatedir)/scrollkeeper

	$(mkinstalldirs) $(DESTDIR)$(omf_dest_dir)
	-for file in $(srcdir)/*.omf; do \
		$(INSTALL_DATA) $(srcdir)/$$file $(DESTDIR)$(omf_dest_dir); \
	-scrollkeeper-update -p $(scrollkeeper_localstate_dir) 

	-for file in $(srcdir)/*.omf; do \
		basefile=`basename $$file`; \
		rm -f $(omf_dest_dir)/$$basefile; \
	-rmdir $(omf_dest_dir)
	-scrollkeeper-update -p $(scrollkeeper_localstate_dir) 

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