RFC : special mailboxes

	Hi all,
here is a little problem I want to settle : for filters (yes you've 
guessed ;-) the user can specify that [s]he wants that matching messages 
should be moved or copied to a mailbox. Now [s]he has to choose it among 
the existing one (the goal is to use the same thing as in pop menu 
(transfer) ). But if he wants to send the matching messages to a special 
mailbox (like Inbox or whatever), what do we do : do we just put the url 
of that mailbox, and if the user changes later his inbox to another one, 
he also has to change the corresponding filters? Or do we put a "special 
url" saying that the filter will put the matching messages in the current 
inbox or sentbox (ie the user do not have to take care of any change that 
has been done)?
We could also imagine to warn the user when [s]he changes the special 
mailbox and ask him if [s]he wants to update the concerned filters?
Perhaps this problem hits also another part of balsa?

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