Re: qmail smtp auth patched server doesn't work with balsa

On Fri 03:07,  7 June 2002 Leandro Lucarella wrote:
> Hi, I was using balsa successfuly, but I've patched qmail to support smtp
> auth ( and now I can't
> send mail throw this server. I can send mail even when I don't use the smtp
> auth in balsa.
> Other clients works just fine, like Sylpheed, Netscape, Mahogany, etc.
> Any ideas?

The only deployed AUTH patch for qmail I've seen is the one using the 
non-standard AUTH= syntax, described in an internet draft, never made into 
RFC, undocumented, etc etc.  For some reason ISPs are obsessed with deploying 
this brain damage instead of using the standard.

Try reconfiguring your libESMTP with --enable-nsauth (for non-standard AUTH) 
and see if that helps.  If you use the libESMTP example program to send a 
message the symptom is probably that the response to EHLO includes AUTH=LOGIN 
but the SMTP session goes straight from EHLO to MAIL FROM:... without trying 
to AUTH first.


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