Re: @MSGMERGE@ Error in balsa Makefile

On 2002.06.10 22:03 Michael Goll wrote:
> Hi
> Since I've upgraded from Red Hat 7.2 to 7.3 I've been unable to make
> balsa from cvs which I've been doing nightly for the past year or so.
> As usual I first run sh  There's nothing out of the 
> ordinary
> in the config.log.
> When I subsequently run make, I get
> Making all in po
>                                                      /bin/sh:
> @MSGMERGE@: command not found
>                                                      make[2]: ***

Check out

I believe this is mismatch between gettext and autoconf packages 
distributed with Redhat. Feel free to add a comment there on your own to 
put some pressure on RH guys.


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