Re: [PATCH] New version og GPG support for balsa 1.3.6

On 2002.06.09 14:28 Emmanuel wrote:
> I patched my cvs sources with your previous patch. I have done nothing 
> to set up keys or whatever (I actually don't know a thing about gpg 
> set up). When I try to load a gpg-signed message (with the correct 
> pref checked in the pref window), balsa quit with the following 
> message on the command line
> gpg.c:503: GpgmeError Invalid Engine
> So I guess this is related to the fact I have not set up anything for 
> gpg. Am I wrong?

BTW, I think it is a library design error if it quits entire application 
on error. I think it should rather return a error code and let the 
application do the error handling.


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