Re: incoming mail sound for balsa2


> How do you stop balsa2 from playing the damn wave file after 
> receiving new mail?

Do this in the sound configuration part of gnome.  In gnome 1.4 go to 
settings->sound.  Click on the Sound Effects tab.
Search for E-mail, New Mail notification.  Choose a new sound file.  
It's about the same for gnome1.2.  Gnome 2.0 is slightly different, 
different menu to click I think.  Haven't tested it there, and not 
going to start up 2.0 to see :P.

If you aren't using gnome, all bets are off, I haven't a clue.  I 
didn't like the sound at first either, but it's grown on me, 'specially 
since everyone around me always adds in the 'you b*st*rd' when they 
hear the notification starting.  Brings a chuckle to a dull day.



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