[PATCH] : Bug in address-entry.c

	Hi all,
just a one-liner (that applies on 1.2.4 and cvs) and that seems to correct 
the "paste" bug of the To: header : I trigger it that way : reply to a 
message, delete the recipient and paste another from the clipboard (it 
does not happen every time but it is reproducible on my machine, 
balsa-1.2.4). The recipient is correctly pasted but when you click on the 
send button it disappears and the send button becomes greyed. This was 
because the inputData structure was not updated because of a type on the 
following test (in libbalsa_address_entry_button_press(GtkWidget * widget, 
GdkEventButton * event) in libbalsa/address-entry.c) :

      * Check if it is mouse button 2 (paste text)
-->    if ( (event->button == 2) && (event->type != GDK_BUTTON_PRESS) &&
	 editable->editable )

This should be
     if ( (event->button == 2) && (event->type == GDK_BUTTON_PRESS) &&
	 editable->editable )

I was unable to reproduce the bug with that correction.

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