Re: receiving mail won't work

On 2002.01.31 09:45:08 +0000 D. Jezzer wrote:
> HI, I am new to Balsa and trying to get it up and running. At the moment I 
> can send email, but receiving seems to be a problem. Messages I receive are

do you get acknoledges from the recepients or just 'ok' status from balsa ?

> like host not found, <myname>@localhost.domain error 500. As far as I can

those are likely to be mail server notices of failures if you're sending
from yourname@localhost.domain your ISP is most likely not to carry those
messages as that is not a valid domain

> see are the settings in Balsa okay, but without doubt is there anything 
> else wich should be changed to get things working.
> I am running redhat7.1 with kernel 2.4.16 on a AMD XP1600+. The 
> balsa-version is the one that came shipped with redhat.
oh. that's balsa-1.1.3, do yourself a favour and upgrade to 1.2
it prolly won't help directly with this problem but, you should upgrade
anyway cause 1.1.3 is an early devel release and has a number of bugs
and using 1.2.4 will help people help you :)

> Please let me know what information you need to help me get things working,
what your mail settings should be for starters, are you using SMTP or
local sendmail.

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