Re: TEST : Peter's Patch

On 30.01.2002 21:33 Peter Bloomfield wrote:
> Thanks, Manu, for the enthusiastic comments--and thanks, Ali, for the 
> splash of cold water!
> Here's the patch, with highlighting restored--that seems to be just a 
> matter of selecting the expansion text. There's still way too much 
> messing with gtk structures, but it's a start.
> Attached patch against current cvs ("snake-oil.patch", in honor of Ali's 
> scepticism!):
> * libbalsa/address-entry.c: remove much code lifted from gtk+;
> *                           set default signal handler for
> *					"focus-out-event".
> *
> * src/sendmsg-window.c: 	don't connect to address_entry
> *					"focus-out-event".
OK this will serve as a basis for me to cure all mem leaks I have been 
able to locate and other improvments.

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