Maildir problems

I've found a couple of issues with Maildir support.  Wondering if anyone can

I use maildirs exclusively.  After configuring Balsa for the first time with
the "Druid", I had my main folders, but I also ended up with folders cur,
new and tmp showing up in the folder tree (pretty clearly my toplevel
Maildir subfolders).  cur indicated it contained messages, but when I would
open it, it would show only one, with an incomplete name.  I would try to
right click->delete them, but could not.  I tried deleting the MailDir line
in the [Globals] section of .gnome/balsa, but that would cause Druid to come
up again on startup.  I finally "fixed" it by setting MailDir=/dev/null.
This doesn't seem like the right thing to do.  Am I missing something?

I use Courier IMAP for remote access to my mail, but want to have Balsa
directly access my maildir when running locally.  Courier IMAP structures
folders locally by prepending a ".", so, e.g., subfolder Lists/Balsa shows
up as subdirectory .Lists.Balsa.  If I try to add this directory (add new
maildir) the dialog will not show any subdirs starting with ".".  I tried to
add it by hand once in the dialog (I think this was actually with 1.2.3, not
1.2.4) but I got some strange results.  I imagine I might get this to work
by hand editing the startup file, but is there a better way?  Is Balsa
supposed to find these subdirectories automatically?



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