Re: Bug in external editor code

On 26.01.2002 15:43 Jelmer Vernooij wrote:
> > >> When invoking an external editor to edit stuff already in the send
> > >message
> > >> window the last line is duplicated if it contains only a newline
> > >character.
> > >> The attached patch is again current cvs and fixes the problem.
> > >Whoops... My fault. Thanks for fixing this !
> > >
> > >Btw. The balsa2 port is progressing very quickly, though I think I'll
> > >need some help with the AddressEntry widget :(
> > Could you elaborate on the help you need for this widget?
> I believe it needs to be re-implemented or at least rewritten for a
> large part, since gtk internals changed. I don't have that much
> experience on writing Gtk widgets, so I'll need some help on that.
I'll try to help with my limited skills in gtk (particularly in 2.0).
I'll let you know when I had read through the def of the widget.

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