Re: Embarassing newbie question about mime types.

Īn data de Mi, 23 ian. 2002, ora 19:22 Karl Kopper a scris:
> How do I configure the mime types for balsa?
> I've set them in gnomecc and balsa still says "No open or view action
> defined in GNOME MIME for this content type." 
> I'm evaluating different E-mail packages (running under IceWM) for my
> company and may have messed something up, but when I run Ximian's
> Evolution mail program the mime types I've set (Star office for .xls and
> .doc) are working properly.

I had some problems trying to get Balsa to open .doc files in AbiWord. 
The fix? I've created a file named: /usr/share/mime-info/abiword.keys 
and put the following in it:

        open=abiword %f
        view=abiword %f

        open=abiword %f
        edit=abiword %f
        view=abiword %f

> Many thanks in advance. 

Be welcome

> --Karl

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