Re: PATCH: __FUNCTION__ vs. __func__

On 2002.01.22 20:03 Ali Akcaagac wrote:
> hello,
> oki as you know development goes on, so is gcc 3.0.3 going on and
> balsa
> unfortunately causes -Werror abort on __FUNCTION__ since it is marked
> as
> depracted in 3.0.3 now i offered some solutions the previous days but
> none of them is backport compatible (dunno why this maybe __func__) is
> not supported in gcc below 3.0. at least i can't verify this for my
> own since i don't have 2.9.x anymore.

It seems to work just fine with 2.96 (although the src/sendmsg-window.c 
part could be written nicer, I believe) - that's great!

(I am about to get offline for three days; please be patient).


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