Re: [PATCH] : replace and complete the preceding one

On 21.01.2002 08:28 Ali Akcaagac wrote:
> On Sun, 2002-01-20 at 10:13, Emmanuel wrote:
> > finally here are 2 patches that replace the preceding one for
> > mailbox_pop3.c.
> > It just replaces 2 relatively unsafe memcpy's for MailThreadMessage
> > structure, and replace them with safe strncpy.
> > But I don't think this could cause the weird bug I was hunting :(
> heh,
> still hunting that bugger ? thi sbug is one of the most courious ones
> i walked through so many codelines that i finally gave up some months
> ago.
Yeah I'm still on it, time to time ;-)
But I was thinking : we should perhaps check for all possible buffer 
overflows in Balsa. For 2 reasons : stability and security. Indeed we have 
now examples of badly formed config file that can overflow balsa. Moreover 
I think that these "special messages" that make Balsa crashes are somehow 
related to that sorts of buffer overflows. Anyway if the bug is still 
there after that overflow hunt, Balsa will be better.

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