On 2002.01.15 17:33:44 +0000 Emmanuel wrote:
> 	Hi all,
> bad news, a crash :(
> With balsa-1.2.3 (with filters enabled but I don't think it's related), 
> when you launch Balsa, you exit ASAP, ie when the window is just drawn 
> click on file->exit menu. I think something important to trigger the bug is 
> that my Inbox is automatically open on startup, and it takes several 
> seconds to load, so that the exit occurs during the automatic load.
> Here is the backtrace :

more ctree fun. i believe we have a race condition that triggers a bug in
ctree, but never proved it. there's more ctree stuff in bugzilla, this
should be added to one of the bugs there.

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