Re: Code Indenting

On Sun, 2002-01-13 at 10:31, Pawel Salek wrote:
> If we wanted to compress the code, we could remove all spaces and 
> indentation as well (with exception for strings) and fit entires files in 
> single lines (except for preprocessing directives).


well no, it actually doesn't compress. it cleans the whole code up.
the compression is only a sideeffect from removing spaces and some
clutter in the code.

i don't know what editor you use for coding but maybe you can enable
some 'list all chars' option in vim you enter ':set list' and then you
see what i mean when you scroll in the sourcecode.

now the balsa code in my own opinion isn't really clean there are a lot
of people working on the code and a lot of people sending in patches and
now there is a point, where the code is extremly hard to read in certain


one uses:

      blah blah;

the other uses:

  if (blah)
    blach blah;

another does this (k&r):

  if (blah) {
    blah blah;

and another:

  if (blah)
    blah blah;

and some worse:

  if (blah)
  blah blah;

well everyone of them are valid and i tollerate all way how people code
but it would be really cool to have a unified style all over the code.
i remember you saying all the time 'please use a unified programming-
style, i have no time going through all this' and exactly here is what
indent does it completely cleans the stuff up.

there's no changes in TAB'ing or SPACE'ing or how you organize stuff it
only makes sure that the whole code looks the same. maybe you wanna give
it a try at least. or go through the code with ':set list' then you
figure out quickly. e.g. the toolbar factory for example compared to the
other partts is different.

Name....: Ali Akcaagac
Status..: Student Of Computer & Economic Science

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