NTLM authentication

Hi all,

as some of you already know I've been working on getting support for NTLM 
authentication in libESMTP (which will of course be useful to balsa).  I'm 
just about at the point of having some viable code to offer for experimental 
purposes, however I currently do not have access to an SMTP server which 
implements NTLM authentication.

If anyone can provide me with a SMTP server and an account I can use to submit 
some test mails, that would be extremely useful.  When I've got to the point 
of actually authenticating with NTLM and sending a message, I'll release the 
code as a patch against the current libESMTP source.

The code I've got is taken from fetchmail which in turn is taken from Samba.  
One caveat, this is GPL code and libESMTP is LGPL.  Patched versions of 
libESMTP must also be considered GPL only when I do this.  This should not be 
a problem for most users.

However, now that I know more of what's going on in NTLM, I'm also working on 
an implementation of NTLM auth from scratch and using OpenSSL to provide the 
crypto code.  This will be released under the LGPL and OpenSSL's licence which 
is the normal libESMTP licence.  Watch this space.

Brian Stafford

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