Re: Running Balsa

>Generally no, this isn't true.  If you upgrade you shoud be fine.  Did 
>you try upgrading or installing?  They are two different rpm 
>switches.   Basically I use rpm -Uvh for upgrade, rpm -Ivh for 
>install.  Since you already have a version of the package installed you 
>should upgrade.

OK.  I tried upgrading.  Here is the result:
1.  rpm -Uvh openssl-0.9.6-9.i386.rpm
Completed ok.

2.  rpm -ivh libesmtp-0.8.6-1.i386.rpm
error: failed dependencies: is needed by libesmtp-0.8.6-1 is needed by libesmtp-0.8.6-1 is needed by libesmtp-0.8.6-1

3.  rpm -q openssl-0.9.6-9.i386.rpm

Why would I get the errors in step 2 if step 3 says that it is install ok?

>Have you tried running ldconfig as root?  Just type ldconfig, it'll 
>update the linker data, might resolve your dependencies problems with 
>libesmtp.  If you want to try the src.rpms use rpm -rebuild.  Then rpm 
>-Uvh, or -Ivh depending.

I don't understand why I should do this.  I tried it for the heck of it and
it did not make any difference.

>Check that smtp has the right port, it's usually port 25.  so like your 
>smtp server would be   Also check that the inbox 
>is marked 'check inbox periodically for mail'.  Make sure the 
>permissions on the /var/spool/mail/amp file are correct.  Frankly I'm 
>not sure what they should be, but the FAQ should say, since I use a 
>local inbox for my stuff.  Those are the few things I've had to work 
>with before.  I would recommend upgrading to 1.2.3 if you can, it's 
>really MUCH better than 1.1.7.  Lemme know if you need the src.rpm.

I checked the "Check periodically..." box and it appears to have worked! 
Checking mail anyway.

I have the smtp server set for Local mail transport agent.  No port is
specified.  The weird thing is, when I try to send mail, it tries dialing
on my Windows XP computer which is connected via tcp/ip.  I changed this to
my dialup's mail server and it sent mail.

So... it appears that I at least have everything working with 1.1.7 but I
would still love to upgrade. That's where I guess I need help.


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