Re: Running Balsa

On 2002.01.02 01:07:57 +0000 amp  wrote:
> >As for upgrading, I'm on a stock RH 7.1 system, using libesmtp 0.8.7
> >and Balsa 1.2.3 and I didn't have any dependency problems.  It's
> I located the rpm for the dependencies in question.  They are in
> openssl.  However, when I went to install it, I got a conflict with an
> older version of openssl.  I assumed I should uninstall the previous
> version.  I tried this in gnorpm.  However, I got a bunch of warnings
> that that version of openssl is being used by _alot_ of programs on my
> system.  I was afraid to uninstall that version and install the newer
> one because I figured I would break everything else. Would this be true?
yes, or at least would upset some stuff. that's why rpm warned you :)
openssl is a nasty beast :)
do you have the 7.1 updates installed ? if not do install them. openssl
got updated and even if the new package doesn't solve your problems
it's always a good idea to keep the system uptodate

> As for version 1.1.7 of Balsa (which was already installed), I got it
> working by "touch /var/spool/mail/amp".  However, when I click the
> "Check" button in Balsa, a small dialog flashes on the screen and it
> does nothing, i.e. no mail checked.  Also, it acts like it sends mail,
> and it thinks it actually sent it, but I never receive the mail it
> thinks it sent.
that probably means you don't have any mail source configured. do you have
any pop3 mailbox configured ? if so did you check the button that says
'enable check for new mail' ? :)

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