Running Balsa

I am trying to use the version of Balsa that came with my Redhat 7.1
installation.  When I start balsa, it tries to setup the mail
directories, etc.  When I get to the screen that asks for the inbox
directory, it defaults to /var/spool/mail/amp (amp is my user id).  If I
accept this as the default and click Next, I get the message, 'The
mailbox "/var/spool/mail/amp" does not appear to be valid.  Well... it
does not exist.  I tried creating a directory called amp but that does
not satisify it either.

What do I need to do to get a mailbox setup?

Also, I downloaded rpms for Balsa 1.2.3 and libesmtp 0.8.6.  When I
attempt to install libesmtp, it complains about not having,, and  Where do I get these?

Andrew Pierce

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